Albemarle Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Albemarle Divorce Mediation Lawyer
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Divorce can be a turbulent period in anyone’s life, especially when facing different emotions and uncertainties that make it difficult to think clearly about your next move. All of this is even more complicated when children are involved, or the two parting individuals are engaged in heated disputes. Fortunately, divorce in Albemarle, NC doesn’t always have to be the battlefield it gets a reputation for. Taking the avenue of divorce mediation gives couples looking to split a more harmonious and collaborative opportunity to resolve their differences. The process can be even more successful when guided by legal counsel.

Albemarle Divorce Mediation Lawyer

What Is Divorce Mediation?

The most significant attribute of divorce mediation is the neutral, third-party supervisor known as the mediator. This is a professional trained to facilitate communication between both spouses and doesn’t have any personal agenda of their own other than helping to end the marriage amicably. The mediator will give both individuals the space to have their own voices heard without interruption, which for some couples may be the first time they’ve been forced to listen and digest what the other partner is saying. Once everyone’s perspectives are on the table, the mediator will help each spouse negotiate where needed to guide toward a final agreement. A mediator is trained to help resolve all of the common divorce-related topics, such as child support, child custody, property division, and more.

What Are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

  1. Amicable Resolutions: Mediations never end in disagreement because any outstanding issues that are still too contentious to solve will be passed on to court. When mediation works, both parties leave feeling they had the opportunity for their voice to be heard and considered in the final decisions.
  2. Cost-Effective: Resolving divorce issues outside of the courtroom is economically favorable. It saves both parties from running up additional legal expenses and court costs.
  3. Confidentiality: While going to court is a very public experience and puts your personal life in the spotlight, mediation happens behind closed doors. Many clients appreciate the privacy it provides, allowing them to deal with their challenges solely with their ex-spouse and the mediator.
  4. Flexibility: Couples are able to schedule mediation sessions when it works for both of their schedules. There is also no demand to resolve anything by a certain deadline. When advancing to court, there is the added pressure of strict deadlines and court dates.
  5. Tailored Outcomes: Mediation is a parting couple’s greatest option if they value being able to craft their own custom solutions. Once a court becomes involved, other individuals who know the couple less intimately than a mediator will have the final say in how the couple is dividing up personal assets and what their family life will look like post-marriage.

How Can I Prepare for Mediation?

If you want to enter your mediation experience as prepared as possible, there are certain activities you can do prior to mediation to increase the value you will get from your sessions.

  1. Know Your Goals: Take time before your sessions to reflect on what is important to you. People become flustered in mediation when they aren’t clear about what they want, struggling to answer questions with decisiveness.
  2. Come Prepared With Documents: It’s helpful to have all financial records, property deeds, etc., at your fingertips to elevate any points you want to make or dispute claims made by the other party.
  3. Stay Open-Minded: Understand that it’s rare someone gets 100% of everything they desire in a divorce. Approach the conversation with your spouse respectfully and listen to their perspective. Actively consider any creative solutions proposed by the mediator, even if it’s something that seems far-fetched at first.

FAQ About Albemarle, NC Divorce Mediation Laws

How Much Does a Divorce Mediator Cost in NC?

There is no universal cost to help one understand exactly how much they will have to pay for a mediator. Variables such as how long the individual has been in practice, where they work, and how many sessions will be required to reach a solution all play a factor in the final price. It’s common for mediators to charge for their services hourly. $100-$400 on average is an appropriate range to expect. The only certainty with mediation is that it will cost less than a lengthy trial that racks up court fees.

Is Mediation Mandatory in NC?

There isn’t a blanket mandate for all divorcing couples to attempt mediation before moving to trial. However, some cases will qualify for a mandated mediation. For example, if there are significant disputes over child custody or a visitation schedule, the court will often require both parents to try and reach a solution privately in mediation to give parents more control over the outcome of their children and to protect a child’s exposure to any divorce publicity. However, mediation is not required in cases like domestic violence, where it would not be appropriate to have an alleged abuser negotiate with their victim.

What Are the Disadvantages of Mediation?

While mediation offers a ton of benefits, some couples may find the opportunity isn’t going to work for them. First, it requires both individuals’ cooperation. If one of the spouses enters the session trying to be manipulative or purposefully uncooperative, the effectiveness of the opportunity is diminished. Also, any scenario where there is a power imbalance between one party and another could disadvantage the less-empowered individual. It may make them agree to terms they don’t actually agree with but feel the pressure from the other party to cooperate.

How Long Does Mediation Typically Last?

A single mediation session can last anywhere from 1-3 hours. The total number of sessions that will need to occur before a solution is reached is to be determined by each couple. Many couples can wrap up their sessions from anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. Once several months pass, it’s common for the individuals to agree there are still contentious issues that need to be dealt with in court.

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