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Concord Divorce Lawyer
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The decision to end your marriage may be one of the most impactful decisions you ever make, and it’s not one to take lightly. Divorce is a complex legal process that not only involves ending a marriage contract but also resolving property ownership disputes and various other financial matters between the divorcing spouses. It’s vital to understand the various elements of a divorce case in Concord, NC and know the value of hiring experienced legal counsel to guide you through your case.

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The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain can provide the compassionate and detail-oriented legal representation you need to navigate your divorce case as successfully as possible. It’s natural to feel uncertain and stressed by the weight of an impending divorce, and your legal team can help you make more informed decisions throughout the process. Ultimately, the right Concord divorce attorney can have an incredibly positive impact on the outcome of your dissolution proceedings.

Why Do I Need a Concord Divorce Lawyer?

It is technically possible to represent yourself in divorce proceedings. This may seem like a practical choice to some people, allowing them to save money on legal fees in what would otherwise be a very costly divorce. The reality is that you stand to lose much more than you would pay in legal fees by attempting self-representation in divorce. Your divorce is likely more complex than you might expect, and you may not know how to address unforeseen complications that arise during divorce proceedings.

Investing in legal counsel you can trust is the best way to protect your future after divorce and approach the situation with confidence and peace of mind. Your attorney can help you complete the procedural requirements of your case, such as preparing your financial records for disclosure and guiding you through your options for resolving the various aspects of your divorce. A Concord divorce attorney may also reveal more agreeable options for navigating your divorce, such as pursuing mediation instead of litigating your divorce proceedings.

The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain provide client-focused legal counsel in divorce, meaning we take the time to get to know every client’s circumstances and goals for their divorce. We’ll help you develop strategies for addressing each element of your dissolution proceedings. This may include exploring alternative dispute resolution to save time and money on the divorce process or helping you secure more favorable terms to your final divorce order.

What Does Divorce Entail?

Every marriage involves different variables, and every divorce case will unfold uniquely. However, there are a few basic elements that every divorce case must address, such as:

  • Property division. One of the most important aspects of divorce is assigning separate property ownership rights over marital property to each spouse. North Carolina upholds an equitable distribution law, meaning the court works towards the fairest possible separation and distribution of marital assets in a divorce. This does not mean property division will be entirely equal. Each spouse’s respective financial situation must be taken into account during divorce litigation, and it’s possible for divorcing spouses to reach more personalized property division terms when they choose to resolve their divorce through alternative dispute resolution.
  • Child custody and child support. If you have children with your spouse, child custody is the most important element of your divorce. This issue cannot be resolved privately. You and your coparent can develop a parenting plan in a private divorce settlement. Then, a Concord, NC family court judge must review and approve this plan to ensure it suits your children’s best interests. Our team can help you make a strong case for custody and help you reach the most agreeable custody and support terms for your situation.
  • Spousal support. In some divorces, one spouse will need to pay spousal support or alimony to the other after divorce. The intention behind spousal support is to provide financial assistance to an economically disadvantaged spouse. If one spouse was entirely financially dependent on the other, or if they are unable to earn income for medical reasons, spousal support is likely to come into play. The amount paid each month depends on the difference in income between the spouses, and the timeframe that payments must continue hinges on the length of the marriage.

Depending on your unique situation, your divorce could entail all of these issues and more. You need legal counsel from an experienced Concord divorce attorney. They can assist you in addressing the various elements of your case so you can reach the best possible outcome to your divorce.

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How Can I Resolve My Divorce in Concord, NC?

When most people imagine divorce, they think of emotionally charged courtroom exchanges and lengthy and expensive litigation. The reality is that litigation should be a last resort in divorce, reserved only for situations in which the divorcing spouses cannot negotiate their divorce terms privately. Most divorcing couples in Concord, NC choose alternative dispute resolution to save time and money on their divorce cases. Divorce arbitration is essentially a private trial that has the same legal weight as a litigated divorce. Similarly, divorce mediation allows the divorcing spouses to negotiate the terms of their divorce order in a comfortable, low-pressure, and private atmosphere.

If you intend to pursue any form of alternative dispute resolution for your divorce, it’s vital to remember that you will still need legal counsel for the process. Your Concord divorce attorney can represent you through alternative dispute resolution sessions. When it comes time to finalize your divorce, or if there are issues you and your spouse cannot resolve during your alternative dispute resolution sessions, your attorney can then represent you in divorce litigation before a family court judge.’

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Divorce is incredibly difficult, but it can be easier when you have the right attorney representing you. The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain offer a wide range of legal services and can provide the guidance and support you need to endure the most challenging divorce proceedings. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a Concord divorce attorney.


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