Practice Areas

Practice Areas
The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain

An Experienced Family Law Lawyer Serving Concord And Beyond

At The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain, we represent people across Cabarrus County in all types of family matters. Whatever your case involves, you will work directly with our family law attorney, Aimee E. Cain and our staff. We understand just what is at stake for you and your family, and will devote ourselves to helping you move forward on the best possible terms.

Working With People Facing A Broad Range Of Family Issues

Our areas of practice include:


An effective marital agreement can protect your rights without the cost and uncertainty of litigation. We create all types of prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, parenting agreements and separation agreements.


While alimony may not be necessary for every divorce, in some instances it is appropriate. Whether you hope to receive alimony or are concerned about paying it, our law firm can help.


The end of a marriage, even if it is ultimately right for everyone involved, is never easy. We will help you understand what to expect in the legal process and protect your rights at each step of the way.

child custody and support

For married parents going through a divorce or for unmarried parents, child custody issues are very delicate and can seriously impact the parent-child relationship for years to come. We will work tirelessly to achieve a sensible arrangement that is in your child’s best interests.


Arbitration, while similar to a trial, is faster and more flexible. If arbitration is the best option in your divorce or family matter, we will work diligently to prepare a strong case.

Domestic violence

We can help protect you from threats in your household that involve allegations of domestic violence.

Equitable distribution

While North Carolina judges are required to equitably divide marital property, there can be major differences of opinion about what is considered to be a fair resolution. We understand the laws and how they may apply to your case.


In addition to being a lawyer, Aimee E. Cain is a divorce mediator certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission as well as a certified Family Financial Mediator.


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