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Concord Child Custody Lawyer
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One of the most challenging family law cases any parent can experience is a child custody determination. When married parents divorce, or when unmarried parents decide to end their relationship and raise their children separately, the parents must have a child custody order created. This is to legally define parental rights and responsibilities. In either situation, if you are planning to separate from your coparent in Concord, NC, you need to prepare for child custody determination proceedings.

Any child custody case has the potential to escalate into a heated legal battle with neither parent willing to compromise. The right attorney can help you navigate your custody dispute with confidence, helping you make the strongest possible case for custody and increasing your chances of securing the custody terms you prefer. Parents need to realize that no matter how they choose to approach a divorce or negotiate parenting rights, the final say comes from a Concord, NC family court judge.

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Why Do I Need a Concord Child Custody Attorney?

Approaching any family law case without legal counsel is incredibly risky. Considering what could be at stake in an impending custody determination, this type of case especially requires reliable legal counsel. Attempting to represent yourself in any family law case can lead to undesirable outcomes, take much longer than you initially anticipated, and force you to return to court later. This could address details you failed to account for during the first round of proceedings.

An experienced Concord child custody lawyer will provide reassurance and guidance during a very difficult time. You can rely on your legal team to help you determine the best strategy for obtaining the custody terms you prefer. They will prepare you for each stage of your proceedings, whether your custody dispute is part of a larger divorce case or a standalone issue. The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain have years of experience representing Concord, NC clients in a vast array of difficult family law matters, and we’re ready to apply our experience to your situation.

How Is Child Custody Determined in Concord, NC?

The family courts of North Carolina and throughout the United States have a legal duty to ensure that any rulings the courts deliver affecting children preserve the best interests of those children. If you are preparing for a custody dispute in Concord, NC, you must understand that the final say regarding the outcome of your custody order is in the hands of the judge overseeing your case. The judge will not only determine custody but child support terms as well. Family court judges use various methods and consider a wide range of variables in these determinations:

  • The judge will assess whether either parent poses any safety risks to their children by reviewing criminal history records and the underlying reason for the divorce or custody dispute. For example, if a parent seeks a custody order due to criminal behavior, domestic abuse, or any other misconduct committed by the other parent, the judge must evaluate these factors carefully.
  • The work schedules of both parents will also require consideration. If a parent seeks custody rights, they must have the availability to handle their child’s basic needs and provide appropriate guidance. If a parent’s work schedule requires them to work overnight, on an inconsistent schedule, or travel extensively, the judge may lean toward awarding the parent with the more stable schedule a greater share of custody.
  • The willingness of each parent to compromise must be evaluated. Parents in custody disputes should never attempt to weaponize their children against one another. Judges will detect these motives. If a parent acts out of spite rather than in the best interests of their children, the judge is likely to award a custody determination that reflects these actions.
  • The age and overall medical condition of each spouse can influence their eligibility to claim custody rights. The judge is likely to minimize a parent’s custody rights if they have a medical complication that could make handling custody responsibilities difficult. These conditions may include a significant physical disability, a mental illness, or addiction.
  • Judges will sometimes want to hear from the children in the case. If a child is old enough to convey their thoughts and preferences, a judge may ask the child outright what type of custody agreement they would prefer. If a child shows a clear preference for living with one parent over the other, the judge is likely to take this into consideration in awarding custody.

Many parents fall into the trap of allowing their personal issues between them and their coparents to influence their decisions in custody disputes. This can have disastrous consequences for everyone involved, especially the children. If you want to make the strongest possible case for custody, the best thing you can do is to maintain a healthy and supportive relationship with your child. Be an active participant in their daily life and reassure them that no matter how your case unfolds, you will be there for them as much as possible.

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Protecting Your Child’s Best Interests Through Child Custody

Whether you are seeking sole physical custody of your child or intend to share parenting time in an arrangement involving joint physical custody, coming to an agreement when the custody of your child is on the line can be a challenge. The lead attorney of The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain is a certified mediator and has the recognized skill necessary to help you negotiate these issues. By working together with your child’s other parent, you can work toward an agreement that protects your child. Finding a cooperative solution may also protect your relationship with them and your ability to co-parent in the future.

While mediation is often the best way to reach decisions that are truly in your child’s best interest, we are also willing to represent you in litigation if necessary. The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain has successfully litigated a variety of child support and custody cases for both mothers and fathers, helping them protect their relationship with their child and their rights as a parent. We have also assisted clients who are navigating the complexities of divorces that include accusations of domestic violence.

Can I Change a Custody Order?

A child custody determination can be one of the most challenging experiences of your life, but the finalization of the order may not be the end of your legal proceedings. Life can be unpredictable, and unforeseen circumstances may influence a standing custody order in various ways. If you believe that recent events justify changes to your standing custody order, you can petition for modification. Your Concord child custody attorney can help you draft a petition for modification. It will explain your desired change and include the evidence showing why the change is both reasonable and necessary.

Child custody disputes are some of the most challenging legal experiences any parent can face. It’s natural to have many doubts and frustrations about these proceedings. The best asset you can have on your side in this situation is legal counsel from a trustworthy Concord child custody attorney. The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain are ready to provide the comprehensive legal representation you need to navigate your custody dispute successfully. Contact us today and schedule your consultation with a compassionate and responsive Concord child custody lawyer.

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