Albemarle Child Support Lawyer

Albemarle Child Support Lawyer
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The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain Albemarle Child Support Attorney

Child support cases are some of the most legally challenging scenarios for parents for a variety of reasons. Although some child support laws can vary from state to state, having the right support and guidance from a child support attorney is essential for families. An experienced, compassionate, and results-driven Albemarle child support lawyer can work for your family to ensure the greatest result for your child’s immediate present and future while decreasing worry, fear, and stress from your life so you can navigate your new normal and care for yourself and your future, too.

Albemarle Child Support Lawyer

In North Carolina, divorce is not uncommon and is one of the main reasons the help of a family attorney is sought. While each family law case has a unique set of circumstances, our firm has the resources, experience, and passion to pursue the most desirable outcome for your family. Not all divorce cases require a child custody agreement, but the majority include children, which makes it even more crucial to employ a reputable, motivated, and client-centered family law attorney.

What Is Child Support?

Child support laws and agreements exist to promote and maintain the interests of the child’s well-being. The child’s welfare is at stake when a couple decides to divorce. If the parents have joint physical custody of their child, the court wants the child to be able to experience the same quality of living at both parents’ homes. If one parent has sole custody of the child, the non-custodial parent is still required to financially support their child. Children require many expenses, such as medical care, clothing, education, and food, and child support exists to make sure these needs are fulfilled and the child is comfortable.

North Carolina’s Child Support Guidelines determine how much child support parents are required to pay. Depending on how much income the parents have and what their child needs, payments can vary. It is important to pay child support on time, as there can be penalties for not doing so, like jail time or having wages withheld. If you should be receiving child support payments, but the other parent is not paying them, there are resources available to you. You can file a motion for the other parent to comply with the child support order or contact your caseworker. A child support lawyer can better ensure your rights are protected in this case.

Child support is complex, so it is beneficial for parents to have ongoing, open communication about how to provide financial support for their child. However, in the event that communication is at a standstill, our team of qualified attorneys can help facilitate mediation between adult parties to move the decision forward in a positive direction.

Do You Need a Child Support Lawyer?

Many parents become so focused on the separation or impending divorce that they fail to account for the many decisions, factors, and changes that will affect their children. This is completely normal, and our team can provide its clients with enough information to make informed, healthy choices for both parents and children regarding child support arrangements.

While some families enter into a separation or divorce believing they can successfully navigate this situation on their own, unfortunately, this is most often not the case, and for non-lawyers, the thought of entering court unaided is extremely daunting. The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain can assist you no matter which stage of separation you find yourself in, and with our years of experience, you can expect a positive outcome for yourself and your children.

Once you and your partner have set the wheels in motion and decided to divorce, contacting a reputable legal professional in your area is next on your list. Even if you find yourself in complete agreement with the other parent regarding child support, nothing you discuss is legally binding until a court grants official approval. If you have already divorced and the other parent is violating the order, or you need a modification, we can help you as well.

FAQs About Albemarle, NC Child Support Laws

Do I Really Need a Child Support Lawyer?

Yes. Even when both parties have a mutual understanding of how they wish to parent their children moving forward, you cannot legally determine the factors of your custody agreement without a court signing off on the terms. Child support cases involve the safety and well-being of the child. Even seemingly simple situations involve extensive details regarding financial arrangements, a parent’s ability to raise children, and the intricacies of NC family law, and a lawyer is most well-equipped to help with these issues.

Can I Get a Court-Appointed Attorney in NC?

Yes. However, it benefits the entire family, and especially the children, if you are able to hire an experienced attorney who is passionate about family law and devoted to the greatest possible outcome for your child. Court-appointed attorneys are often less experienced and overworked, but a skilled, experienced lawyer can take the time to gather and organize pertinent information while respecting your financial circumstances and the emotional devastation that child support disputes can involve. Your children’s perspective is also of utmost importance to our legal team; we want the end result to be in their interests.

Can a Parent Be Jailed for Not Paying Child Support?

Yes, but certain stipulations apply. The parent failing to pay may be subject to fines, wage garnishment, liens on home or businesses, and/or the suspension of a driver’s license prior to jail time. Before a delinquent party is penalized, the court will schedule a support hearing to determine the reasoning behind the missed payment(s). Parties who are fully able to make the payments will be ordered to pay and may be further penalized with the above consequences.

How Much Should the Father Pay for Child Support in NC?

Both parents are expected to pay child support in North Carolina; however, the non-custodial parent generally bears the responsibility of submitting support payments on the agreed-upon timeline and amount, while the custodial parent assumes more responsibility and pays directly for the children as needed. The actual amount depends on the number of children, parental income, and the agreed-upon custody assignments. Your attorney will help you navigate all the details, from gross income to alimony and unemployment scenarios.

The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain: Skilled Child Support Attorneys

If you are planning to separate from your spouse in Albemarle, NC, child support hearings are most certainly on the horizon. To prevent your case from escalating into a situation that can become antagonistic, let us help you reach a compromise that benefits all parties and gives you peace of mind.

Under NC law, neither parent is allowed to make the final decision regarding child support; this comes from the courts, and the complications, challenges, and emotional turmoil that can accompany family law cases should be navigated by a team of attorneys who are at your disposal with the most resources, the most compassion for your unique situation, and the skills to organize and execute a winning case. We are here for your family’s needs throughout the entire process, no matter your circumstances. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your child support case.


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