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Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody And Support

When you are working to create a child custody and support arrangement, you are certain to have questions. These agreements can dramatically change your finances, your schedule and even your relationship with your children. Working with an experienced attorney is a good way to get the answers, both to frequently asked questions and questions about the specifics of your family.

At The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain, we help clients of all backgrounds in the Concord area. Our lead family law attorney is a certified mediator and can help you reach an agreement without difficult litigation whenever possible. We are dedicated to providing you with the answers you need to make informed decisions that protect your rights and support your child’s needs.

Do I Have To Go To Court?

No. While going to court may be necessary if you are unable to reach an agreement, you may be able to avoid court by trying to reach an agreement first. Even if you and the other parent don’t always get along, you probably know what is best for your kids and your lives. Talking it out allows you to prioritize your needs and address your concerns, and because of this, you are always encouraged to try mediation first.

How Is Child Support Calculated In North Carolina?

Child support is calculated based on a number of factors in North Carolina. These include:

  • You and the other parent’s income
  • Your custody arrangement
  • Your child’s needs for health care, schooling and other activities

While the actual amount is based on a formula, it can be important to speak to an attorney to get a full picture of how your family’s situation factors into this calculation.

It is also possible to achieve a child support arrangement through mediation. If you and your child’s other parent are able to reach an agreement, this can help preserve your ability to share parenting duties and protect your relationship with your child.

If I Share Custody, Will I Pay Or Receive Child Support?

In situations where custody is shared, you might still consider child support to ensure that all of your child’s needs are met. The amount of child support can vary depending on how the custody is shared, which of your child’s expenses are paid by each parent and other specific details about your family and your situation.

What If I Want To Modify An Existing Agreement?

Especially if your life situation has changed – whether through relocation, a change in income or a change in your child’s specific needs – modification is an option that allows you to create a child custody and support arrangement that reflects your family. If you want to modify your agreement, it is important to have the paperwork from your previous court case ready so that your attorney can fully understand your current situation. You may also need other financial documents for added context.

Get Answers To Your Questions – Talk To Us Today

If you have questions about how your child custody and support agreement can protect your parental rights while providing for your child’s needs, we can answer them. Call The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain at 704-960-1326 or contact us online to schedule your initial consultation.