Why people should consider a prenuptial agreement in North Carolina

In the past, many North Carolina couples hesitated when it came to considering prenuptial agreements. Some did not want to contemplate a future divorce before they were even married while others did not want to have to negotiate with a future spouse. However, there are valid reasons for signing a prenuptial agreement that are causing more people to avail themselves of this tool.

You don’t have to be wealthy to need a prenuptial agreement, but the need is certainly more pronounced the more money you have before the marriage. People may simply not want to have the stress and uncertainty that are imposed by a bitter divorce battle. Moreover, finances are more complex these days as an increasing share of people carry student loan debt for decades. Finally, you may be thinking about starting a business and would want protection.

Millennials are increasingly concerned about these issues and are opting for prenuptial agreements in increasing numbers these days. Further, they are often the children of divorce and have seen their parents battle over assets and want to avoid it for themselves. In addition, they are also waiting until later in life to get married, meaning that they are more established when it comes to bank accounts and retirement savings. All of this has contributed to prenuptial agreements gaining more widespread acceptance in society.

You should seek the help of a family law attorney when considering prenuptial agreements. It is not guaranteed that a court will enforce the agreement that was signed if certain conditions apply, thus, the need for legal help in drafting it. Moreover, if you don’t want to directly negotiate with your future spouse about money, the lawyer could be of assistance by speaking with the spouse or their lawyer if they have retained counsel.

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