Why listening matters during mediation

Many couples in North Carolina and throughout the country turn to mediation as a method of settling their divorces. If you’re ending your marriage, pursuing mediation could be in everyone’s best interests. Let’s take a closer look at what mediation can accomplish and how to get the most from the process.

What to expect from mediation

During a mediation session, you will be allowed to speak freely about what you want and need from a divorce settlement. The mediator’s job is to keep the discussion focused on issues related to the divorce as opposed to personal issues between yourself and your spouse. The mediator is a neutral party who is tasked with ensuring that discussions are civil and productive.

Why listening is important during mediation sessions

It is critical that you actively listen to what your spouse is saying during a mediation session. This could help you gain insight into issues that may have caused the marriage to unravel. It may also provide insight into what you can do to settle in a timely manner or effectively communicate after the divorce is finalized. Understanding how to communicate with a former spouse can be especially important if you both are raising a child together.

Show empathy for your former spouse

Listening to what your spouse has to say can make it easier to empathize with how he or she is feeling. Showing empathy toward another person can make that individual feel heard and validated. Ultimately, it may help that individual see you as a partner to work with as opposed to an enemy to defeat in the settlement process.

If you want to settle your divorce promptly, consider mediation. The divorce mediation process may be especially helpful if you are looking to shield your children from the negative aspects related to ending a marriage.

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