Why going to trial can result in a more stressful divorce in North Carolina

During a divorce in California, many couples find themselves wondering if they should settle out of court or launch a divorce trial. While going through a trial can help people navigate a complicated divorce, it also takes much longer and costs both individuals thousands of dollars in legal fees. Here’s what people should consider before they take their divorce to trial.

What happens when a divorce goes to trial?

If divorce negotiations break down, the couple might decide they have no choice but to go to trial. For some divorces, this might be the only option. However, going to court has its downsides. The court date might be scheduled months away, which means that the couple has to wait even longer for their divorce to be finalized.

A trial also means more court time and more time with the attorneys, which means increased legal fees. The stress of the divorce can take its toll on both parties, and they often have to drop everything to get in touch with their lawyer at unexpected times. A trial means a more drawn-out divorce, and the longer it goes on, the more desperate both parties may be to just get it over with.

Where can an individual go for guidance during a divorce?

Once an individual decides to file for divorce, they might wish to hire an attorney for guidance during the process. An attorney may be able to help them with disputes over property division, child support, child custody, spousal support and other issues. An attorney might also be able to act as a mediator so that their client can settle the divorce out of court. If the divorce does go to trial, the attorney may represent their client and offer legal counsel.

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