Why Do Lesbian Couples Divorce More Frequently in North Carolina?

A recent study indicates that female same-sex couples are more likely to end up in divorce court than male same-sex couples. Although the data comes from England, it applies to women in North Carolina and around the U.S., as the same trend is evident here.

Much higher female ratio

While 56% of same-sex marriages were between women, roughly three-quarters of same-sex couples heading to divorce court were women. The data reflected divorce rates among lesbian couples from 2016 to 2019. Researchers discovered that lesbian couples tend to reflect their heterosexual counterparts who initiate divorce proceedings at a rate that is twice as high as men.

Reasons lesbian couples divorce

The reason most commonly cited by lesbian couples seeking a divorce included unreasonable behavior, which includes adultery. Although no definitive reasons have emerged regarding this trend, some speculate that lesbians move more quickly into relationships and marriage than gay men do, possibly not thinking through their actions. Another possible reason for lesbian divorce is that women overall are less likely to tolerate infidelity and are more likely to have been in a previous marriage or relationship.

Lesbian divorces have some unique issues

Lesbian couples contemplating divorcing may face issues that are unique regarding family law. For example, when children are involved, one spouse may try to prevent visitation from the other spouse who is not the biological mother. Such issues can result in lengthy and messy divorces that require mediation, alimony and other factors.

If you are contemplating or are involved in a divorce, working with a lawyer who understands the issues unique to lesbian couples can make the process smoother and possibly more amicable. Contacting legal professionals early in the process can help you avoid adverse issues and circumstances regarding your family.

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