What to expect in family law mediation in North Carolina

North Carolina couples who are undergoing a divorce will have to deal with the critical issue of child custody. While this matter can be decided by a judge, it can be extremely helpful for everyone involved to consider meditation first. Many couples have heard of the term meditation before but don’t quite know what it involves.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process through which former spouses sit down with a specially trained expert who is a neutral third party. They will work through their emotions over the divorce, re-establish a reasonable level of communication and establish a child custody agreement that works for both parties. This type of settlement approach helps to keep everyone from having to undergo the pressures of being in a courtroom.

In all cases of mediation, the parents will meet with the neutral third party. The trained expert will talk with the couple and determine whether or not mediation will be a reasonable approach. For some couples who are still struggling with emotions, mediation may not be a foreseeable approach for the settlement of their child custody matters.

The benefits of mediation

When it comes to choosing mediation over the traditional court process, it holds many advantages. First, it’s much cheaper than going to court. Second, it allows both parties to converse in a non-formal environment. This can be extremely helpful for reducing emotions throughout the entire process. Third, both parties get the benefit of a neutral third party who is specifically trained to deal with child custody arrangements.

Family law mediation can be something new that you may be considering undergoing. This process has many benefits over going through a traditional court case route. You may want to speak with your attorney to determine if meditation is the right solution for your individual situation.

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