Tips for co-parenting with a difficult ex

For couples who are facing divorce in North Carolina, co-parenting with a difficult ex is rarely easy. However, learning how to co-parent is important in order to provide stability and security for your kids.

While it’s possible for some couples to agree on certain parenting principles, a divorce that ends on a hostile note can contribute to a high-conflict parenting situation. The following covers a few ways to face a difficult co-parenting scenario and how you can handle the situation in a more positive and productive manner.

Set anger and hurt aside

One of the biggest keys to successful co-parenting is putting your own negative feelings about your divorce aside and focusing on what’s best for your child. Although putting your emotions on the back burner may be a challenge, it’s also the most vital step in ensuring your child’s happiness and stability.

Work on communication with your ex

Consistent and purposeful communication is essential to the success of co-parenting. Each time you start a conversation with your co-parent, ask yourself how your dialogue will affect your child. Resolve to make your kid the main priority of every conversation you have. You can maintain effective communication by:

  • Making requests instead of making demands
  • Listening to your co-parent, even if you disagree
  • Keeping conversations focused on the needs of your child

Never put your child in the middle

When emotions are running high, remind yourself that they’re your feelings — not your child’s. It’s best to keep your thoughts about your ex to yourself and never share them with your child. Saying negative things about an ex to children could make them feel that they have to choose sides.

While divorce is never easy, learning how to co-parent effectively is essential. Take the necessary steps to put your child’s best interests first, and you’ll be well on your way to co-parenting more successfully.

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