The benefits of divorce mediation in North Carolina

In many instances, a court-appointed mediator will meet with estranged spouses who are going through a North Carolina divorce and will act as a neutral. During the sessions, both spouses can attempt to discuss disputes, work through disagreements, and make compromises. Mediation is beneficial because it saves time and money for the parties involved.

It is a confidential process that offers a high level of privacy. It is also a fair method of working through disagreements and reaching resolutions. The court-appointed mediator isn’t biased and takes on an objective standpoint. The mediator is ideally capable of finding solutions and has a different perspective than the parties involved.

The benefits of going through divorce mediation

Divorce mediation can be an effective method of working through disagreements, It is a different option instead of spending time in court, which can allow both spouses to save time and money. The information discussed during the sessions is kept confidential to ensure everyone’s privacy is protected. It also allows the estranged couple to remain in control of the process instead of feeling like they are at the mercy of the judge. If you avail yourself of this alternative dispute resolution method, you can move on with your life and avoid prolonging the process of ending your marriage.

Are you allowed to have legal assistance?

If you choose to go through divorce mediation, you still will want to have the advice and counsel of an experienced family law attorney throughout the process. In many cases, there will still be some issues that remain unresolved, such as parenting time or property division. When this happens and further negotiations are not feasible, then litigation might become necessary.

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