How to prepare for longer summertime visitation

North Carolina non-custodial parents may be awarded a few weeks or even months of visitation in the summer. This is a time where children are out of school and more capable of adapting to a change in their lifestyle. Understanding how to prepare children for those schedules is a must to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Realize the necessity of parental relationships

Just because your children may spend most of their time with you doesn’t mean that their having a relationship with your former spouse is a bad thing. In fact, studies have proven time and time again that children who have healthy relationships with both parents post-divorce experience few mental health problems. Having visitation options for summer months with the other parent is a great chance for your children to develop their relationship with your former spouse as they can spend more time with them.

Take some time to plan

It’s a good idea to sit down with your ex and plan out the summer visitation schedule. It’s best to put your differences aside and talk about what’s best for your children. You should discuss a schedule that you can follow and inform your ex about your children’s regular routines. As your children transition into staying with their other parent for a longer period of time, it can be helpful for that parent to follow some of the same structure as your kids are normally used to. For example, scheduling a family dinner at 5 PM or a movie night on Tuesdays can keep consistency in your child’s life.

When your children are out of school for the summer, it allows for them to have more time to visit with their other parent. It’s your job as a custodial parent to work alongside your former spouse to establish summertime visitation schedules. Remember that your children should be given the opportunity to develop a great relationship with both of their parents.

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