How to keep performing at work during a divorce in North Carolina

For North Carolina employees, the pressures of divorce and maintaining a career can be difficult to balance. Oftentimes, the stress of the divorce overwhelms their ability to perform successfully at work. It is up to the employee to take the steps necessary to stay in the good graces of their supervisor. Some of this involves proactively communicating with the boss.

One of the first things that an employee needs to do at the outset of the divorce is to have a conversation with their boss to inform them of what is occurring. Without that, the boss many notice a decline in job performance and can hold it against the employee. If they are informed, at least they will have some context and may show some understanding. The boss may even try to help and support the employee during this time. One should be careful about leaning on too many coworkers for support given the office rumor mill.

Work can be a valuable outlet during this time. However, it is important to not focus too much on work because it can distract from the work that must be done to heal emotionally. Many people become addicted to their job as a substitute for married life, and this is a dangerous pattern. One should adopt a spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness, and this can help them remain successful at work.

Removing causes of stress during the divorce can also maintain job performance. One step to take that can make someone’s life easier is hiring a divorce attorney. The lawyer may help their client by dealing with the details of the divorce and by handling negotiations over the settlement agreement. The attorney might also reduce stress by both educating their client about the process and lowering tensions with the other side by being realistic.

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