How mediation can reduce conflict in divorce in North Carolina

If you are considering divorce in North Carolina, you may be dreading what you imagine to be a long, contentious process involving many trips to court. However, an adversarial divorce is not inevitable, and in fact, there are a number of advantages of using mediation.

What is mediation?

Mediation takes a cooperative approach to divorce. The idea is that a neutral third party sits down with both spouses and works with them to reach an agreement that satisfies both of them.

Advantages of mediation

Successful mediation is cheaper and usually less stressful than going to court, which can have an adverse effect on both your job and your relationship with your children. Mediation is usually quicker than litigation, and it offers more flexibility. You may be able to come up with solutions that are unique to your situation.

Privacy and reduced conflict

Unlike litigation, mediation is private. No one has to know all the details that you would normally have to go over in court. The reduction in conflict can be particularly good for children, who will not have to appear in court as is the case in some divorces. The fact that mediation is focused on reducing conflict can mean that you are able to make the shift into co-parenting with less conflict as well. Mediation can also give you tools to resolve conflict that does arise after the divorce.

Mediation does not mean having to give up your attorney, and in fact, some attorneys may assist in the process. Although there are situations in which mediation may not be appropriate, such as divorces involving allegations of domestic abuse, you should also not assume that mediation cannot work for you because the divorce is high conflict. Mediators are trained to identify and resolve even challenging issues.

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