How empty nest syndrome can lead to divorce in North Carolina

According to researchers, the divorce rate for those who are 50 and older is much higher than it is for those in other age groups. It isn’t uncommon for married couples in North Carolina and elsewhere to stay together for the sake of their children. After their kids establish their own households, there may be little keeping their marriages intact.

Couples might simply drift apart over time

In some cases, couples don’t realize until after their kids are gone that they don’t have anything in common. This may be true even if you and your partner were highly compatible during the early years of the marriage. While you don’t have to do everything with your partner, a lack of common interests can result in a stale or shallow relationship. Furthermore, there is a strong chance that your spouse will begin to resent you if he or she doesn’t feel like an important part of your life.

The concept of marriage has changed

In the past, marriage was seen as a lifelong commitment that had financial and social benefits for each person in the relationship. In the 21st century, marriages are seen as partnerships that don’t have to last until both parties to the relationship pass on. For some, getting married is nothing more than a tactic used to obtain tax benefits and property rights.

People are staying healthy as they age

Over the past century, the average life expectancy has increased for both men and women. This means that people have an opportunity to start over even if they decide to end a relationship after the age of 55. Therefore, an individual might be tempted to get a divorce as opposed to living in a home with a person he or she no longer enjoys spending time with.

If you are thinking about ending your marriage, it may be a good idea to speak with an attorney. While an attorney can’t ease your emotional pain, he or she may develop a strategy that makes it possible to reach a settlement in a timely manner.

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