Four ways to prevent unnecessary conflicts during divorce in North Carolina

The process of getting a divorce is undoubtedly challenging. People experience grief, anger and shame that does not go away just because they file paperwork or change their legal status.

That said, there are various ways that people can prevent unnecessary disputes from making divorce more complicated than it may already be.

  1. Opt for mediation. Going to court to litigate divorce-related matters may seem like the best or only option. However, the fact is that working through issues cooperatively through mediation can be best for many parties. It can be less expensive and faster than litigation, and it encourages parties to work together to reach agreements rather than pitting people against each other. As such, people are often more satisfied with the outcomes of mediation than if they would have gone to court.
  2. Refrain from venting online. During painful events, people often find comfort and support by talking about them online. They might post statuses, join a Facebook community or share photos of themselves to document a journey. However, these interactions are not always positive or peaceful. When people vent online, those statements can easily get back to the other person, creating conflict and causing hurt feelings.
  3. Think about what is best for your child. Custody disputes can be especially thorny, no matter how amicable the divorce may be otherwise. In these circumstances, parents can make the process less divisive by focusing on securing arrangements that are in their child’s best interests, not on what they want as parents. 
  4. Consult the professionals. Whether this is your first experience with divorce or not, parties can benefit from working with professionals who are well-versed in this process and the complications that can arise. Attorneys can help you understand your rights and legal options; financial professionals can analyze your assets so you can be confident that your settlement is fair; counselors can help you and your children cope with the personal and emotional challenges of this event.

Even though some arguments or disagreements are inevitable during a North Carolina divorce, you can minimize the opportunities for avoidable conflicts to arise when you utilize these tactics.

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