Finances and family law in North Carolina

Financial issues are one of the leading causes of divorce among couples in the United States. In a survey shared by Forbes, 22% of divorced couples mentioned arguments over finances as the leading cause of their divorce. While working with an attorney is highly advised for any individual facing a divorce, there may also be a need for a specialized financial planner.

The process of getting a divorce is already a painful, stressful task. The stress that comes with going through a divorce can only become amplified when the parties begin to work through the details of their financial situation.

The same Forbes survey indicated that 60% of respondents were not aware that there was any such thing as a certified divorce financial advisor, or a CDFA. This professional can work with an individual going through a divorce to help them better prepare themselves for the next stage of their lives, which can often be filled with uncertainty.

The process of a divorce is an emotionally charged situation, which can lead to an individual becoming more overwhelmed than they already are. The presence of a CDFA can help a divorcee reduce some level of stress associated with this new chapter in their life. While the presence of a certified divorce financial advisor can seem like another added cost to an already pricey divorce, they do provide a service that can help alleviate stress and create a financial plan. A CDFA can work with both parties in the event of an amicable divorce to ensure that everyone is on solid financial ground going forward.

A CDFA is certainly not a replacement for a family law attorney for a client facing a divorce. In addition to putting a client in touch with a CDFA, the attorney may review the details of the divorce and help their client through the process.

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