Benefits of divorce mediation in North Carolina

If you and your partner have decided to get a divorce in North Carolina, you need to realize that there are many alternatives to traditional divorce litigation processes. One of these alternatives is known as divorce mediation. This kind of divorce process can be less stressful, less expensive and more peaceful overall. Here are some of the benefits of divorce mediation.

Less stressful

In a divorce mediation, the only people involved with your case will be you, your former spouse and the mediator. The mediator will work with both of you to come to an agreement that benefits both of you. This is much less stressful than a traditional divorce that requires constantly meeting with an attorney, multiple appearances in a courtroom and back-and-forth arguments between you and your ex.


Hiring a divorce attorney and paying court fees and other expenses can sometimes cost tens of thousands of dollars during a divorce. There are many stories of people who come out of divorces bankrupt due to how expensive they are. Divorce mediation can potentially cost half as much as a traditional divorce due to its simplicity and the need to only hire a single mediator.

It’s private

When going through mediation, you won’t need to be in front of a judge, lawyers or anyone else present in the courtroom. This is a very personal matter, so it allows you to handle it in private instead of letting your personal business get settled publicly in front of strangers.

Benefits your children

If you and your ex have children, then a divorce mediation can help you come to agreeable custody terms instead of letting the judge decide. Since mediation is more peaceful and less stressful, your children will not need to see their parents arguing and getting angry with each other, which can be very traumatic.

Having a divorce mediation benefits everyone involved, including your kids. If your former partner is skeptical of choosing to mediate your divorce, then show them how simple, easy and cost-effective a mediation can be.

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