What Is the Average Child Support Payment in North Carolina? 2024

In the state of North Carolina, child support payments are determined by several factors that are unique to each case. A North Carolina child support lawyer can offer individualized support and insight into family law cases while considering both local law requirements and your specific needs.

If you are seeking the proper financial assistance from a supporting parent or ensuring the proper use of your child support payments from a custodial parent, a proper understanding of the laws and regulations around child support is essential. While there is no average child support amount required in the state of North Carolina, there are ways to determine how much you might be required to pay as a supporting parent or receive as a custodial parent.

The following list explores reasons why legal representation in your child support case can benefit you:

  • Family law attorneys can offer emotional support and assurance as you navigate your child support case through the provision of careful advice adhering to local law.
  • Attorneys with family law experience can offer extensive case evaluation and representation in any court proceedings, negotiations, or mediation.
  • Maintaining meticulous documentation and research, family law attorneys will ensure the proper filling out and filing of all necessary paperwork.
  • An attorney can facilitate fair negotiation between both parents as they seek to agree upon the terms that will best care for their child.
  • In the case that the terms of the child support payments are not being met by either parent, an attorney can assist in the enforcement of court orders.

Uses of Child Support

The purpose of child support is to ensure a child’s essential needs are covered at the expense of their parents. It is a child’s right to be taken care of by their lawful parents, and establishing child support terms with both parents is essential to meeting this need. The goal of child support guidelines is to ensure that children will receive the same amount of economic care they would have received if they lived in one household with both parents.

Child support payments can be used for the following purposes:

  • Housing expenses that support the custodial parent as they pay the lodging fees required to live with their child.
  • Health care expenses to ensure the child is able to receive proper medical care.
  • Work-related child care expenses if the custodial parent requires this to attend their own employment.
  • Other extraordinary expenses a child might accrue. This is based on the individual circumstances of the child.

Adherence to child support terms by both the supporting parents and the custodial parent is necessary for achieving proper care for their child. If one parent is noticing the misuse of child support funds or the nonpayment of child support funds, it is time to seek legal mediation of the situation for the health and well-being of the child.


Q: What Is the New Child Support Law in NC 2024?

A: The newest update in the child support law in North Carolina, which took place in October of 2022, states that acceptance of child support payments can now be received via multiple digital platforms. The new payment forms include Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, PayPal, debit cards, credit cards, and cash or credit card payments through local Walmart locations. The intention of this expansion of payment methods is to increase convenience as parents navigate support for their children.

Q: How Is Child Support in NC Determined?

A: North Carolina law utilizes a child support calculator that takes into account various factors to determine child support obligations. The factors considered include the income of both parents, the child’s expenses and custody arrangements, healthcare and childcare costs, and any extraordinary expenses the child may have.

The court references the information provided by the child support calculator but has ultimate discretion when deciding the terms and amounts of support that will meet the needs of the child.

Q: Can Both Parents Agree to No Child support in NC?

A: As child support is considered the right of the child, not the parents, in North Carolina, parents are not able to waive child support in its entirety. Parents are able to agree on many aspects of child support, but the ultimate determination over specific requirements will fall to the court. Courts aim to prioritize the needs and well-being of the child and ensure that both parents are providing adequate care.

It is important to ensure all agreements between parents are within the alignments of state laws.

Q: Does Child Support Increase if Salary Increases in North Carolina?

A: While minor fluctuations in salary may not qualify for an adjustment to a child support amount, significant salary increases and decreases can affect the support amount. If the paying parent’s salary increases in a significant way, the custodial parents can request a modification to the child support agreement through the court. This legal request for modification typically requires proof of the income change of the paying parent.

Consultation from a child support lawyer in North Carolina can provide specific guidance on the individual unique circumstances regarding increasing child support.

North Carolina Child Support Lawyer

The creation, adjustment, and enforcement of child support in North Carolina can be a daunting task. As a parent, your primary hope and concern is to ensure your child’s every need is met by proper resources, and maintaining proper execution of child support can aid in this desire. Receiving experienced advice and support from a Child Support Attorney in Concord, NC, can provide peace of mind as you move through your family law matter.

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