Are childless couples in North Carolina more likely to divorce?

Most people say that you shouldn’t have kids to keep your marriage together. While this is true advice, there’s no doubt that having kids makes it harder to file for divorce. In fact, many second and third marriages end up dissolving because they don’t have shared children to keep them together.

Why does not having kids make it easier to get divorced?

When you enter a second or third marriage, you’re probably getting married later in life. By this point, you might already have kids from your previous marriage and aren’t interested in having more. While this can help you focus on the children you already have, it also makes it easier for you and your new spouse to file for divorce.

Many couples put off filing for divorce because they want to stay together for their kids. However, if you and your current spouse have no kids, you don’t have that common thread linking you together. You won’t be concerned about raising children together or making sure that their lives are as stable as possible. Instead, you can simply go your separate ways.

Still, this isn’t entirely a bad thing. Countless couples have stayed in toxic marriages because they didn’t want to disrupt their children’s lives. If you’re not happy in your marriage, there’s no point in staying together if there’s no benefit for you or your children.

What should you do if you’re considering divorce?

For some people, divorce can come as a shock. But if you’re on your second or third marriage, you probably know when a relationship is about to reach its breaking point. Talking to a family law attorney might make the process smoother and help you stay amicable with your former spouse. An attorney may also help you negotiate alimony and child support.

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