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What Are The Benefits Of Divorce Arbitration?

The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain offers clients the option of divorce arbitration as a less formal, less stressful trial process. Arbitration can also be much faster than a trial because it is scheduled according to the availability of the clients, the attorneys, and the arbitrator instead at the whim of the court system’s docket.

While hopefully avoiding trial, arbitration still allows clients to voice their concerns and present their evidence to an arbitrator. The arbitrator, while not a judge, has a similar role in the arbitration proceeding. After hearing both sides, the arbitrator hands down a decision.

At The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain, we prepare for arbitration proceedings as aggressively and with the same level of commitment as if going to trial to ensure our clients get the results they deserve.

Arbitration Hearings

Once a marriage is over, parties may agree to arbitrate any issues relating to the marriage and the relationship. Before a couple marries, they may agree to arbitrate any issues concerning the marriage except for child custody and support.

Even though arbitration does not occur in a court of law, it has many characteristics of a trial. For instance, both parties are allowed to:

  • Present evidence
  • Call witnesses
  • Cross-examine witnesses
  • Opportunity to appeal

Parties to arbitration are free to select an arbitrator of their choosing. However, the court will appoint one if the parties are unable to agree on an arbitrator or the selected arbitrator is unavailable or fails to act and a subsequent arbitrator has not been chosen.

Much of the arbitration process encourages settlement. From the beginning, parties are able to mutually agree upon many terms of the proceedings which can foster a perspective of compromise and hopefully lead to successful resolution of the dispute.

Contact A Concord Divorce Lawyer Experienced In Arbitration Proceedings

Having the representation of a Concord arbitration lawyer like Ms. Cain is invaluable in these proceedings. A skilled attorney, well versed in the law of evidence, and knowledgeable on all things family law, is the best asset a client can have going into arbitration. Contact our office today for more information about our services in divorce arbitration.