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Child support disputes are some of the most contentious cases filed in Concord, NC family court. Many situations may lead to legal determinations concerning your children. Regardless of your marital status with your coparent, it’s vital to prepare for a difficult series of legal proceedings. These will determine not only your respective custody and visitation rights but also financial support for your children.

If you are bracing for a child support dispute in Concord, NC, an experienced attorney can help you approach the situation with peace of mind. Your attorney can assist you in making a solid case for your end of the child support agreement, whether you expect to pay it or receive it from your child’s other parent. You can also rely on your legal team to support you no matter how your child support case is resolved, whether it’s a component of a larger divorce case or custody and support determination as an unmarried parent.

Why Should I Hire a Concord Child Support Attorney?

Attempting to find your way through any family law case without legal counsel would be incredibly difficult for several reasons. First, you could overlook important details that lead to delays or other complications. You could also face unexpected obstacles that you do not know how to address on your own. It is also possible that you could agree to child support terms you cannot maintain in the long run. Ultimately, a Concord child support lawyer can ensure a reasonable outcome to your support determination and help you approach the situation with greater confidence.

The Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain have extensive experience representing Concord, NC clients in a wide range of family court cases, including difficult child support determinations. We take time to learn as much as possible about every client we represent to ensure we provide fully individualized legal counsel. There are no one-size-fits-all legal strategies that work for every child support case. You need client-focused legal counsel from a Concord child support attorney who you can trust to navigate your case successfully.

How Is Child Support Decided in North Carolina?

It’s important to understand that while you may have options for settling a divorce or other family law matters outside of litigation, a family court judge must determine child support. The same rule applies to child custody determinations. The family court of Concord, NC and virtually all family court systems in the US have a legal duty to protect the best interests of the children their rulings affect.

If your child support determination is part of a larger divorce case, you and your spouse can negotiate terms for other aspects of your divorce privately through alternative dispute resolution. However, this isn’t an option for child support or child custody. A judge will have the final say when it comes to your child support terms, and they will consider various factors to reach their decision:

  • The judge will evaluate each parent’s financial situation. The judge will consider monthly income, living expenses, and the cost of living for each parent. If a parent has a child support obligation from a previous relationship, a spousal support obligation, or other financial obligations pertaining to family law, the judge will also take these factors into account.
  • The judge determines support based on custody. Parents typically share physical custody of their children when they divorce or end their relationship. The parent with more overnights with the children per year is considered to have majority custody. In almost all cases, the parent with the greater share of physical custody will receive child support from the other parent.
  • Judges must also evaluate the expenses each parent incurs related to their children. These expenses can include health insurance premiums for maintaining healthcare coverage for the children. It may also include extraordinary costs for treatment of the children’s special needs or medical conditions.

Once determined, a child support order will typically last until the children affected by the order turn 18 or are legally emancipated. It’s also possible for a child support order to change over time under certain conditions.

Is it Possible to Have My Child Support Terms Modified?

The family court systems of the US acknowledge that life can be unpredictable. They understand that unforeseen events can potentially prevent a parent from fully adhering to a child support order despite their honest efforts to do so. For example, if you are required to pay child support and suffer a catastrophic injury that results in a permanent disability, you could be unable to work. While you may secure some compensation for your injury, the court must take your new circumstances into account. You can file a petition for modification to have your child support terms adjusted to reflect your new circumstances.

What Happens If a Parent Breaks Their Support Obligation?

Parents need to adhere to the terms of their child support orders as closely as possible. In the event a parent refuses to pay child support or repeatedly fails to make payments on time and/or in full, they risk facing contempt of court. Contempt proceedings aim to penalize intentional violations of lawful court orders. If you are found in contempt of court due to failure to abide by the terms of your support order, you could face severe penalties, including fines, asset seizure, wage garnishment, and even incarceration.

Child support cases are often tedious and frustrating, and sometimes the court’s determination can seem unfair or biased. The best way for any parent to approach a child support dispute is with legal counsel they can trust. The right Concord child support lawyer can not only help you reach more agreeable support terms with your coparent but also help you approach the entire situation with confidence and peace of mind. If you are ready to discuss your case with an experienced and compassionate Concord child support attorney, contact the Law Offices of Aimee E. Cain today to schedule your consultation.


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