How can you have a successful mediation during divorce?
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How can you have a successful mediation during divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Divorce

One of your options for getting a divorce in North Carolina is mediation. Mediation gives you the chance to end your marriage in a setting outside of court with a neutral third party who helps you and your spouse work together. These tips can help you have a successful mediation.

Know the purpose of mediation

It helps to know what to expect when you agree to mediation. Mediation is not therapy; it’s a process that allows you and your spouse to rationally discuss the matters pertaining to your divorce so that you can reach a settlement that works for both of you. It allows you to openly communicate and air any concerns while the mediator helps you.

Know the role of the mediator

Mediators are neutral third parties. That means they will remain impartial throughout the mediation process. The mediator is there to help you and your spouse work through any issues and understand one another’s viewpoints. They are not there to help you work things out in your marriage. The mediator can help you reach conclusions on matters like alimony, custody, and more.

Don’t be hostile toward anyone

Divorce mediation is not the place to be hostile or attack your spouse or the mediator. Instead, you should maintain your composure and be civil throughout the process. If you get angry and verbally attack your spouse, it will only delay your divorce. The mediator may call it off, and you might end up needing to have a traditional divorce in court if you’re unable to be cordial.

Be open and share anything that’s relevant

In order to have a truly successful mediation during a divorce, you need to be open and honest. Share anything that you feel is relevant. It gives you and your spouse a better understanding of one another and allows the mediator to help you even more.

Above all, go into mediation prepared to work with your spouse toward a fair agreement. These tips can help you have a successful divorce mediation.