Unique issues you might encounter during a divorce in your 20s
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Unique issues you might encounter during a divorce in your 20s

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Divorce

Young North Carolina residents who decide to divorce while in their 20s might encounter some unique issues. While divorce itself is accepted socially, people in their 20s are sometimes surprised by the reactions to the news, both from themselves and from others, and about their own expectations.

Some things remain the same

No matter your age, there are issues related to divorce that remain the same. For example, negotiating the division of property, even though you have been married just a few years, will involve looking at many of the same types of assets. These include:

  • The family home, if you have bought one
  • Vehicles and other personal property
  • Savings and investment accounts

Prepare to face your expectations and deal with your emotions

However, one of the most unique issues that many people who dissolve their marriage in their 20s must face is their own expectations. For many, the idea of divorce during their 20s comes as a surprise because they have been married for a shorter period. Many people often think of divorce as the province of those in their 30s or older, who have been married for a significant amount of time, have perhaps formed a family and began life projects together. Married couples in their 20s are just beginning that journey and facing the end of the marriage so soon might bring up confusion, fear, anger and grief.

Find your support system

People in their 20s might also be afraid to reach out to their closest family and friends for fear of being judged. However, this is the support system that often will carry them through the divorce, as they plan how to begin a newly single life. They might also find that some people will negatively comment on their choice, but this is something beyond their control and it is best to focus on their own mental well-being during the divorce process